Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

What was once a taboo topic has gradually grown as a topic of conversation or debate. Antagonized for a long time, people are slowly learning the excellent side of cannabis, with some people even spending their money on the most expensive cannabis strains. As less is known on the benefits of using it, it’s time to shed light on the benefits cannabis has to offer.

Why People Use Weed


Just like how people turn to coffee or alcohol to relax or break-free, some people use cannabis responsibly to either stimulate happiness or elicit calmness. People who use cannabis seek the social benefit it offers in recreation and socializing.

History itself has shown how cannabis was used in socializing. In Ancient Rome, a dessert based on a cannabis seed was served in banquets as it is known to cause good feelings. Ancient Hindus also accept the use of cannabis. Today, cannabis is known to evoke the feeling of euphoria.

THC, its main psychoactive ingredient, is responsible for the sought-for happy feeling as it stimulates the part of the brain that responds to pleasure. THC is associated with eliciting good feelings or pleasure, and cannabis helps people make dull activities more enjoyable and fun, while at the same time helping them to relax.

Health Benefits

Contrary to the claims linking the use of weeds to cancer, researchers have yet to find any link between the two. Several people use cannabis because of the medical benefits it offers. Even history shows the linkage between cannabis and health as the use of cannabis for medicinal benefits dates back to the time of ancient Egypt when it was mentioned in Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest medical texts known.

Medicinal pot is known to ease muscle spasms and epilepsy seizures. Moreover, researches suggest that it is effective in treating multiple sclerosis, nausea, and mental health illnesses such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Alleviate Chronic Pain

Cannabis helps alleviate chronic pain such as arthritis and migraine by changing pain perception pathways in the brain; less pain due to marijuana usage helps improve one’s sleeping problem. It also contributes to improvement in one’s health as it helps reduce inflammation in the body.

Control Seizures

Studies have found that cannabis is effective in controlling epilepsy seizures. CBD, a component of cannabis is known to ease seizures as well as muscle spasms.

Treatment for PTSD and Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

As cannabis aids in reducing pain, studies have found that it can help reduce the tremors and pain associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Also, as cannabis aids in the control of one fight or flight response, it is said to help treat individuals with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Other medical benefits of cannabis include:

  • Prevention of diabetes
  • Linked to fighting cancer
  • Treatment for ADHD/ADD
  • An alternative option for treating alcohol addiction

While marijuana offers a lot of medicinal benefits, it must also be noted that it is not, it does not exempt itself from side effects.

Aware of the side effects, researchers continue to discover evidence supporting the medical benefits of marijuana, leading to several countries legalizing its use, at least for medical purposes.

Last October 17, 2019, Canada joined the list of countries that have legalized use of cannabis through the Cannabis Act. Not only were growing cannabis legalized but also legal forms of edible cannabis were allowed to circulate in the markets in Canada. It comes with a fair warning that such legalization comes with corresponding restrictions one must be mindful about.

The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Caviar

Amounting to $1,400 an ounce, the Cannabis Caviar is high-grade marijuana that produces 5-20% THC. It results from soaking the marijuana buds in hash oil and waiting for the buds to dry for a couple of weeks or months.

Fruity pebbles

Released for only a limited amount of time in 2012 by Alien Genetics, this strain costs around $1,000 to $1,500 per pack. Fruity pebbles, this one is a hybrid between Tahoe Alien, Granddaddy Purple, and Green Ribbon. Known for its colorful feature of having rainbow-like coloration, this strain produces 20%THC or more.

Loud dream

Coming from its name, Loud Dream stings strong as it offers 26-28% of THC. Known to its users as energetic, this hybrid strain is a rare sativa backcross of Blue Dream and has been sold in the black market for around $800 an ounce.

Isla OG Canned Cannabis

Sold for $800 an ounce, this Californian brand of cannabis follows a particular process: First, the buds are trimmed; then they are placed inside a can for curing so that it will be fresh and crispy when the can is opened.


A popular hybrid, J1 costs variously depending on the location. This crystal-coated strain can cost up to $350 per ounce. Similar to the Loud Dream, this strain is described to be fast and energetic as it features around 22% THC.


Described as the Ferrari of the cannabis world, this strain comes fast and strong as it features 22% THC. This hybrid of Jack Herer and G-13 is sold for over $375 per ounce.


Cannabis has lots to offer. While some people may not understand why people use it, it does not erase the fact that as much as it has adverse side effects, cannabis has several benefits as well if it was to be taken responsibly.

People use weed mainly for recreational purposes and medicinal benefits. Known for the euphoric feeling it elicits, cannabis has long been used for recreational, as well as socializing purposes. Apart from the recreation, cannabis is widely used and legalized for medical purposes as it is known to treat chronic pain, nausea, arthritis, as well as psychological illness such as PTSD.

As more countries legalize the use of cannabis, several cannabis strains have emerged in the market- of which some belong to the list of the most expensive cannabis strains.

Whether one smokes weed or not, the benefit of using cannabis will remain openly available to everyone. In a changing world where almost everything is put on the table for debate, it takes an open mind to understand and destigmatize the responsible use of cannabis so that we can all take advantage of the long list of benefits it offers us.


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